TRUTH MGMT Independent, Transparent and FEARLESS; building the new industry.

TRUTH MGMT was founded in 2020 by a group of creative, free thinking individuals literally during the quarantine sitting on ZOOM calls hashing out a better way for talent to be placed in the industry... It was during this time our team recognized that the new world we were all living in needed a new direction for the industry to survive. We wanted to be 100% independent of the old systems the entertainment industry depended upon. Our goal is to act strategically, working with like-minded brands and only quality clients. It is our aim to protect and nurture the careers of our fearless rebels who we feel are important to Fashion and Culture.

Areas & Expertise:

  • Fashion Men and Women
  • Lifestyle Men and Women
  • Commercial & Catalog
  • Social Media Influencers
  • Voice Over Talent
  • Children
  • Spokesmodels
  • Music Vocalists & Licensing
  • Executive Production
  • Script Development
  • Production Sound Mixer
  • Events and Productions
  • Cinematography
  • Script Supervisors